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We are a sourcing business that assists business personnel in procuring goods from China to Tanzania at a nearly production prices. We handle all transactions such as communications with suppliers, payments, logistics, clearance and storage.

 Through our application “CHAP CHAP”, we have several sections such as Kuchangiana “Consolidation”, Full Order, Delivery and Viko Dar “In Dar”. These sections serve in ordering goods according to customer’s (business personnel) purchasing power.

 Moreover, the introduction of Delivery services through our application is unique in creating a smooth courier services in Tanzania. 

We are located at Sinza Mori, Mori Road, Opposite Soccer City, Plot 24, Block-MD, House Number 22, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Our communication channels are         (+255) 682 812 554 and email; info@chap.co.tz

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Our application and business model are exceptional as we are bound to quality, honesty and feedback. Interested business personnel do access variety of products from suppliers and press the order. Mode of transportation from China to Tanzania can vary but for the time being we are mainly focused on marine transportation. The delivery period can top up to 40 days and the products are collected at our offices

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We work with customers back to back from when they order the product to the delivery day 

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We have got a simple app that can be used by anyone to order a product and track it until delivery  

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You can physically visit our shop at sinza or download your app and place your order anywhere you are at Tanzania.  

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We appriciate, love and  respect our customers we will serve them with all the best services in hand to get their product in hand  

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